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Celebrating Our Sixth Birthday at Electric Bear Brewing Co.

Celebrating Our Sixth Birthday at Electric Bear Brewing Co.

In true Electric Bear style, the doors of our taproom were flung open this weekend, inviting everyone to join the celebrations on one very special occasion. That day marked the sixth birthday of Electric Bear Brewing Co. 

British weather exceeded all expectations, making it the perfect day to grab a fresh pint in the sun. The tables outside quickly filled up as more people arrived to share in the festivities. The air carried an electric (bear) current; laughter, chatter and great tunes mixed together, giving us one last taste of summer fun.

Behind the taproom bar, the fermentation tanks sat overlooking the event, reminding us that the drinks in our glasses were fresh from the source. Keep reading to find out more about our birthday bash, and what it meant to us. 


If there’s one thing that’s been sorely missed over the last 18 months, it's been the ability to share significant moments with friends and family. That’s why it was important to us to share this memory with our beloved community.

Over the last six years, it’s been about more than just brewing really good craft beer, it’s about creating a drinking experience. The warmth, love and closeness of a social gathering create energy that simply can’t be matched on a zoom call (although we appreciate those who try).

We couldn’t wait to get everyone together, each round bringing people a few inches closer.

Birthday Beer 

The launch of VI, our limited edition birthday drink was a welcome addition to the party. This smooth beverage mixes the class and taste of an espresso martini with a hearty breakfast stout and a touch of sweetness. If you didn’t get to savour its sublime taste in person, you can still order a bottle online.

Our ever-changing, eclectic mix of beers are always imaginative, packed with flavour and designed with craft lovers in mind. If stout isn’t your cup of tea, just try another sumptuous style.

A Great Day Out

It might have been a special day for Electric Bear, but there was a sense of normality in the air, too. The buzz of the taproom, the regulars that came and enjoyed their favourite drink, the families with kids and dogs; these are everyday fixtures at our brewery, and we wouldn’t change it.

Home to tasty food vendors, friendly staff and a warm and inviting environment, Electric Bear Brewing Co. is becoming a cornerstone of the community in Bath. It’s a must-visit for anyone who’s staying in the area or is lucky enough to live nearby.

If you want to check out the taproom for yourself, you’ll find all the info you need here.

Our creative cans are satisfying the palates of so many customers, that they have even reached as far as Italy! So, if you’re unable to get down to see us, you can share the experience of Electric Bear by ordering a mixed case, or, sign up for our Bear Club subscription, today.

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