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Electric Bear Turns Six! A Huge Happy Birthday Blog Post

Electric Bear Turns Six! A Huge Happy Birthday Blog Post

This Saturday, on the 11th of September 2021, Electric Bear Brewing Co. turns six! That’s six years, 72 months and countless days of pouring love, hard work, hops and yeast into our small, craft beer brewery in Bath.

What started as simply hopes, dreams and a little home-brewing paired with endless passion, has turned into a brand that means so much to all of us. That’s why we’re celebrating by throwing an incredible birthday bash in our taproom.

Over the last six years, we’ve brewed enough beer to fill all the baths in Bath, and there’s so much more still to come. Keep reading to find out how we’re commemorating this milestone, and what it means to us.


What better way is there to honour six years of Electric Bear, than by launching a brand new product? Meet the latest addition: VI.

With all the deluxe richness of birthday cake, this 10.5% imperial stout blends coffee, raw cacao, vanilla, maple and muscovado to create one delicious beverage. You can get your hands on a bottle online, but not for long - VI is limited edition, so don’t hang around.

Go on: have a pint with us, it is our special day after all.

The Story of Electric Bear

When we look back to where we were six years ago, it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come. It all began in 2015 when we let our passion for home brewing out into the world. Armed with creativity and motivation, we invested in proper equipment and got to work. The rest is history.

2015 - We opened the brewery (and built our taproom) with just a 30hl brew kit and four fermentation tanks. Soon, our first beer was born. Edison lager stuck with us in our core range until 2019.

2016 - Great change was brewing, but brewing was no great change. We installed two more fermentation tanks and employed our head brewer, Ian.

2017 - Werrrd! launched in January, an American pale ale and our most popular beer to date. Other favourites, Above the Clouds and Inspector Morse, were also created, with the help of our very own canning line that we nicknamed Abby.

2018 - Say hello to our first sour beer! Only a handful of UK breweries offered this unusual style at the time, and we were happy to be trend-setters. The brewery expanded, too, with two more 40hl tanks and a second cold room for storage.

2019 - Our first foray into the music industry as we partnered with the band Cradle of Filth, launching a beer for their London Palladium show. As our sales reached new heights, we upgraded to a 40hl brew kit.

2020 - A big year for us. We began creating our own can designs, thanks to our talented taproom manager-turn-label designer extraordinaire, Conor. Our beer also appears in Marks & Spencer, and when everyone was told to stay at home, our online sales skyrocketed by 400%. Cue three new fermentation tanks - doubling our brewing capacity.

2021 - Sadly, it was time for Abby to move on, and our new canning line Michelle joined the team.

Phew! When we see it like that, it’s a surprise we managed to fit everything in. We’re not stopping just yet though, as we plan to go bigger and better for the next six years.

Supporting Our Wonderful Community

We’re truly humbled by what we’ve achieved and want to say thank you to the local community that is at the heart of everything we do. From our regulars who make opening the taproom every evening a delight, to the beautiful location that we call home, we appreciate it all.

Our collaborations with local businesses have allowed us to strengthen bonds even further. So, we want to give a big shout out to Extract Coffee Roasters, Mokoko Coffee, Round Hill Roastery, Clifton Coffee Roasters and Tiger and Float. Your ingredients have kept us on top form and we’re very lucky to have you. 

We always try to give something back, which is why we are proud to support Bath Cats and Dogs Home, as well as Women’s Aid, with all the fantastic work they do.

Not to mention, we owe a huge part of our journey to our loyal band of online followers and customers. Each one of your purchases has helped us on our way, and we’re so grateful. 

Happy birthday to us. Here’s to another six years. Cheers!

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