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Shop Independent: Drinking Beer to Support the Community

Shop Independent: Drinking Beer to Support the Community

Here at Electric Bear, we’re passionate about the part we play in nurturing our community. The people of Bath are at the heart of everything we do and we know that many other local companies feel the same. Want to know how supporting independent businesses (like us) benefits the economy, the market and your experience? Then read on.

Taprooms, not Boardrooms. 

Electric Bear was born out of a desire to create. When we started making beers at home, we were driven solely by our passion for the good stuff.

As we began to grow, it was important for us to keep our values in check. That's why we always listen to our customers’ feedback and work to cater for you, rather than our paychecks. We’re here, we’re real people, and our company ideas will always be born in the taproom, not a boardroom.

Innovation in Small Numbers 

The thing about being real people is that we are flawed. We’re not perfect at everything we do, but the one thing we really know is beer.

We love what we do; our brewery is like a close-knit family and we take real pride in coming up with new, exciting ideas. Along the way, we like to support the other independent businesses in the area that are working just as hard as we are. That’s why we always look to buy locally when sourcing the quality ingredients that go into our cans.

Enjoy the Experience 

We all know that sipping on a fresh beer has the ability to bathe our brain in some feel-good chemicals. However, did you know that these juices get flowing before your beverage even touches your lips?

The colourful designs of our cans are already triggering those happy feelings, and that’s not the only thing that can excite the senses. A decent pour, a nice glass, the smell of the hops; it all gets your brain producing those endorphins that make you feel so good! When you shop independently, you’re supporting the creativity that makes this sensation a reality.

Support Budding Entrepreneurs

Investing in independent businesses gives young talent a chance to excel, as they look for skills that may not be proven through qualifications. Plus, when a diverse set of consumers’ needs are met and the wealth is distributed between more businesses, the economy gets stronger. We call that a virtuous circle. 

Nurture Your Neighbourhood 

When you use local, independent businesses, the local community prospers. Businesses that offer a place for people to visit, such as our taproom, create a welcoming sense of community that will connect you to your neighbours.

Successful companies in the local area raise local house prices, too. This means more money is raised through business rates and council tax, both of which help to fund local services. We’re here for you!

When small independent businesses prosper, the local area flourishes. 

Need any more convincing? Order some of our beers today to taste the difference, or alternatively, hit up our taproom!
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