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Why is Craft Beer So Popular?

Why is Craft Beer So Popular?

Craft beer industry growth trends show that Brits are moving away from beloved but traditional pints. Throughout six years of brewing, we’ve seen interest in our beverages grow with the market.

Why is craft beer so popular, then? Well, we consider ourselves experts on this subject and we want to share our insight (and passion for malty goodness) with you today. So, keep reading to find out more. 

Millennials and Craft Beer

Millennials often dominate headlines with their spending habits, but one thing that we’ve noticed is their drinking habits. It's thought that these all-important consumers spend more money on craft beer than they do on their mobile phones!

So, what makes a millennial so interested in craft beer? 

It’s simple. Thanks to the internet, people can connect with brands anywhere. You can find what you really want, rather than settling for what’s easily available. We’re truly spoiled for choice these days.

Plus, Generation Y has learnt to embrace its differences, and this shows in their purchases. A small brewer’s varied range of products allows every individual to be catered for in a way that a larger company couldn’t offer.

Quality Over Quantity  

To say we’re not the only craft brewery in the industry would be an understatement. With today’s level of competition, there’s certainly no room for second-rate brewing. 

These days, customers would rather spend a little more on a downright divine drink, than pay less for something sub-par. Why is this, though? Perhaps, a change in our attitudes?

Drinking culture is morphing further into enjoying a few glasses together, rather than gulping down pints with reckless abandon. If those cans happen to come in Instagram-worthy packaging - that’s just a bonus.

Knowing Your Brewery 

We love to recall simpler times: Polaroid pictures, films starring Molly Ringwald, 90s sportswear and funk and soul music. All of these things give us that nostalgic feeling we crave.

Craft breweries provide a sense of community that drinkers love. An independent business can offer a local, personalised touch that a global manufacturer would struggle with.

Whether you visit the taproom and grab a beer from the source, or you know exactly where your can came from, you’ll feel the warmth and care that went into creating each one.

Why is Craft Beer So Popular?

So, going back to our original question, we have three answers for you. Firstly, there’s something for everyone, craft beers are incredibly high quality, and finally, there’s love and community in every batch.

If you still need convincing, why not order some of our cans online?

Or, if you’re local to Bath, pop down to our taproom. You can’t get closer to a commodity than consuming it on the very grounds where it was made.

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