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The Premier

The Premier

Hey - this is The Bee(a)r Blog!
Keep an eye on this space and you'll find behind the scenes peeks at what makes Electric Bear run. We're planning some pretty exciting things to post here, including interviews with brewers, brewing bloopers, and other media that you will only be able to get here.
Our bear cave has been buzzing w/ new exciting ideas - ideas that we want to involve YOU in. We'll be doing a lot more interactive posts on our social medias, start some competitions, and really just get to know you, our beer drinkers, more. 
Speaking of new and exciting things - check out our new brewery toy, The Hop Rocket.
It's our new and improved way of dry hopping our beer. We just hook our beer filled vessel up to this guy, throw some hops inside it, and run the beer through the hops for a few hours. It ensures every little drop of beer comes in contact with our hops for a full clean flavour, and a cleaner brew. 
I also had the chance to interview one of our brewers, Dennis, about his history and inspirations in beer making.
"What got you into brewing?"
"My last job in Greece got me involved with the craft beer scene. It was a big bottle shop with craft from all over the world but mainly Europe. My employer asked me to join him when he did his first homebrew and we did a couple more since then. He is definitely the reason I got involved with the craft scene."
"What are your favourite kinds of beers to make?"
"My favourite kinds of beers are stouts, a good DIPA, NEIPA’s APA’s. I also like classic European stuff such as Hefeweiss’s, Weizenbock’s, Lambics and Tripels. If I had to choose one it would be stouts. As I love my desserts and my stouts there is not a better way for me to combine them and that’s what I aim to do. I want to create the best stout in the world one day and I will do it muahaha. "
"What brought you to Electric Bear?"
"I met the guys from EB the first time I visited the brewery. I was then working for the Famous Royal Navy Volunteer at Kings Street and we were hosting a DIPA fest so we went to EB to brew a DIPA (the first batch of Surface Area ever) as a collaboration between us. When I went home that day I texted EB on Facebook and I asked them if I can join them as a volunteer every now and then. I really wanted a job in the industry, I was aiming for that since I moved to UK but it wasn’t easy especially for someone who doesn’t have a qualification. Ian got back to me and said that they don’t really need any extra hands but if so he would give me a text. He did like a month later for a bottling and packaging session. 3000lt of Spilt Milk filling, labelling and packaging manually ffs 😂 When we finished the shift he told him that I am welcome to join them next time they brew. From that point, I would say I was spending a day off from work at EB. 4/5 months later Ian offered me a job which I obviously took."
Don't forget Medianoche this Friday at our taproom!
(click our sign to rsvp)
Thanks for tunin' into Ch.1 of our bear Beer Blog! 
Check back next week for an interview with the 
assistant head brewer, Jack.
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