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Craft Beer

At Electric Bear, we’re fascinated with the enticing beverage that is beer. Our brewery is a place of creativity and care for what we do, and we enjoy sharing that passion with the local community. That’s why our taproom is open for everyone to come and join us for a drink.

Those of you who live further away, don’t despair; you can pick up our craft beer cases online. We’d really like to talk your ear off about our range while you enjoy your pint. Fortunately, our cans speak for themselves!

Is There a Difference Between Craft Beer and Regular Beer?

We’re glad you asked, yes there is. Beer is often made in large batches, with fewer ingredients designed to lower the price tag. Craft brewing, on the other hand, means small, high-quality batches that are tended to with love.

Each of our craft beer cans contains carefully selected ingredients, hard work and imagination. Plus, the artwork on every one is brilliantly designed to catch your eye. The result? Products we couldn’t be prouder to share with you.

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