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Pale Ale

Enjoy the taste of summer year-round with an easy-drinking pale ale. This traditional English style is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a mellow, relaxing beer. 

Full of fruity flavours, pale ale is a delightfully hoppy drink that sits firmly between light lagers and dark stouts. Whether you’re new to craft beer or already know your stuff, our beverages will offer you an easy-going drinking experience.

What Makes a Beer a Pale Ale? 

Dating all the way back to 1703, pale ale finds its roots in Britain. While attempting to create a lighter and more uniform beer, a group of brewers in Burton upon Trent began to experiment using coke (a high-carbon, processed form of coal). The result was the clear, amber-coloured pint we see today.

Some view British pale ale as the grandfather of the craft beer scene. At Electric Bear, we use the past to inspire our brewing. So, if you’re seeking out a USA-style spin on British history, try Werrrd! - a fresh, citrusy American pale ale. Or, try our ever-changing hop-combo Pale, Tondo.

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