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We’ve all got a dark side, and what better way to embrace it than with the smooth taste of stout? This beloved beverage encapsulates the lovely, wayward world of darkness. Hints of coffee and chocolate can be found sweeping through these rich pints, giving each sip a comforting taste of luxury.

What Kind of Beer is a Stout?

On the opposite end of the spectrum to light lagers, stouts are deep and hazy. They’re typically recognisable from their dark colours and creamy light froth. Despite the similarities in appearance, the range of stouts available is immense. From breakfast porters to oat stouts, there is something for everyone.

For the adventurous among you, try an I Can’t Believe It’s Next Tuesday, which offers a lively combination of chilli and chocolate. Or, for a milder but equally delicious experience, go for a can of Whatever Floats Your Oat.

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